We Get It!

We are a consulting agency for hospitality in Bangkok and if you landed on this page it’s because you need to improve your business, which is a restaurant, bar, hotel or coffee shop.

As professionals we’ve all been in that situation – at some point, you immerse yourself in the daily operations and you’re unsure how to enhance the experience or revamp your offer. It can be challenging to see the broader perspective.

This is precisely where we come in to provide our expertise. We can analyse, find solutions, and create a better offer to drive more business and professionalism to your place.

Evaluating your offer: Mystery Customer: 

Evaluating your offer as a restaurant, bar, or hotel through mystery customer visits offers a range of advantages.Including providing an unbiased and objective perspective, allowing you to see your establishment through a customer’s eyes.

The feedback and report we give you, help identify areas for improvement, whether it’s service quality, staff performance, or menu offerings and quality. Additionally, our expertise allows us to compare your restaurant’s performance to competitors and recognize emerging trends in the industry, then suggest innovative strategies to stay ahead.

Ultimately, Spoonz Consulting’s comprehensive report empowers you to make informed decisions and implement effective changes, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and driving success to your business.

Service and Offers Improvement

After our initial consultation, we will identify areas of improvement and find solutions that can fit your current situation. Wether it’s the service, the food, the kitchen organization we will propose solutions to follow up and improve your business.

Restaurant and Hotel Consulting Bangkok

Operational Efficiency

Efficiency is the backbone of any successful F&B business. We assess your current operations and help you to implement streamlined processes to optimize productivity and reduce costs. This not only improves profitability but also enhances the overall dining experience for your customers

Menu development and Optimization

Menu development and optimization are crucial aspects of running a successful restaurant. Through careful analysis of customer preferences, market trends, and profitability, it ensures a well-balanced and appealing selection. Optimization involves streamlining offerings, maximizing profitability, and adjusting pricing to enhance customer satisfaction while driving revenue and maintaining a competitive edge.

Cost Control

Managing costs is vital in the F&B industry. We identify areas where expenses can be minimized without compromising quality. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy balance between cost control and maintaining your standards. We also integrate menu development with cost control, leading to financial success by optimizing expenses and minimizing wastage.

Recipes Creation & Improvement

We also specialize in enhancing existing recipes, or creating new ones, breathing new life into your menu while maintaining the flavors your customers love. We work closely with your Chef or Kitchen staff, ensuring your menu success.