Welcome to SPOONZ we are a Hospitality Marketing Agency in Bangkok, at Spoonz we understand the needs and challenges of restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail shops as experienced professionals and business owners.

We know restaurants and retailers can’t spend too much on marketing or consulting because they have a margin to maintain to be profitable. However, marketing is still a key point to success

With that in mind, we have split our offers to tailor a solution that best fits your needs without having to invest in a full monthly package

We want you to succeed so we bring you results, not statistics.

Hospitality Marketing Agency in Bangkok

What services do we offer?


From social media management, social media ads, content creation, Influencer marketing, website design, and logo design, we have you covered.


As professionals in the industry for more than 20 years, we offer consulting for restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail shops.

From mystery client reports and solutions, menu development, and optimization, cost and quality control, recipe creation, operational efficiency, and cost control we will have a solution to upgrade your business.

Photography and Video

We offer photography and video services in Bangkok and Thailand. High-quality contents are crucial to capture attention, drive traffic, and tell your story. From captivating content creation to menu photos, advertisements, portraits, and architectural photography, we create visuals in line with your identity.